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Soil Cycle Products and Merchandise

Soil Cycle puts quality and consideration into all of our products and merchandise. This online store is a glimpse of what we have to offer! Products can be found at our Missoula location during hours of operation, shipped (upon request & shipping cost included), or found around the Missoula Area at our various partner locations (see below). Payment information can be seen below. Please email for order questions. 

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Our Logo-ware support both sustainable and local businesses. Our products are made out of recycled polyester and either recycled or organic cotton, creating sustainable, cozy clothing. Our hats are 30% recycled poly and 70% organic cotton. Printed by our local Zoo City Apparel. 

Payment Options: 

Payments can be processed online or in-person at Soil Cycle. 

Thank you for supporting Soil Cycle! 

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