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Soil Cycle strives to simplify sustainable living and encourages citizens and businesses to reduce food waste. By diverting food from the local landfill, we hope to create a more sustainable community. Our products are shared with Missoulians to provide them with the tools to grow their own food, connect with the land and ultimately complete the cycle!


Soil Cycle's mission is to promote the natural food cycle by providing environmentally sustainable compost services and education.


Bicycles are amazing tools that have the ability to transport people and materials efficiently, economically, and emission-free. Soil Cycle has been inspired to use bicycle-power for these reasons and many more. We are proud to be apart of the ever-growing bicycle community in the Missoula area. Bicycles allow us to connect more easily with our community and promote sustainability through direct communication as we navigate local neighborhoods in a cleaner, more friendly manner. Bicycles are key to our mission because they allow us to complete the food cycle in a sustainable and community-minded way.

Bicycle Power


Why Soil Cycle?

"In starting Soil Cycle, I knew I wanted to do something that reduced waste rather than adding to our ever-growing landfills. I think about food a lot, in part, because I love to eat, but also because I value the effort and beauty of the growing process. Wasted food is a big issue and I think we should honor our food enough to return it to its natural cycle. I believe that difficult issues, like food waste, require unique solutions that often involve entire communities and sometimes...even bicycles! People are immensely powerful especially when they come together around a common cause. One of my goals with Soil Cycle was to push our community to think about their food and the natural cycle of life differently." -Caitlyn

Caitlyn Lewis



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