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Biochar Blend
  • Biochar Blend


    Our long-lasting, activated biochar soil amendment blend is made from locally-made biochar, worm castings, Montana volcanic minerals, Azomite, kelp meal, raw sugar, and sand. Together they create the ultimate mixture that supports a wide variety of plants in your home and garden. 


    Each ingredient in our blend is specifically selected to improve overall plant growth, yield, resilience, and nutrient holding abilities while improving moisture retention, texture, and soil productivity. Biochar gives the beneficial bacteria in our worm castings a carbon-rich structure to call home, allowing for a constant ecological exchange. Biochar efficiently assists with soil health for hundreds of years after being applied.


    Mix in 2-10% biochar blend by volume to your soil or add a handful to the root area while transplanting. Water soil to wake up microbes and activate the biochar blend.

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