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Compost Collection Services

Porch Swing
Residential Collection

Nobody wants to see their food go to waste, but composting at home isn’t always easy. Whether you are new to composting, don’t have the space, time, or just can’t seem to get that pile of old food scraps to do what you want, we can help! We are excited to help your home or organization reduce your food waste and turn it into healthy soil.

  • Register below for pick-up or drop-off services.

  • Receive your compost starter kit.

  • Toss compostable items into your new compost bin.

  • Leave it on your front porch to be picked up on your scheduled neighborhood collection day.

    • If you live further out of town or commute for work, we can figure out drop off/pickup areas

We will bike to your home, scrape out your bucket, and then process your scraps into compost. Once a year, we offer a free giveback of Soil Cycle organic fertilizer to our members! 

We provide each household with a sanitary 5-gallon bucket with an easy to remove lid.

Drop-off Pricing (5 gallon buckets): 

  • Household Drop-off only (up to 2x a month) —$10.73 per month

  • Office/Organization Drop-off only (up to 2x a month) - $25 per month

    • Current drop-off locations: 

      • Soil Cycle (736 1st W.) 

      • ​Northside: Alley of 609 Howell St. ​

      • Missoula Urban Demonstration Center: MUD (1527 Wyoming St)

      • NEW: University District in the alley of 1221 Arthur Ave (Big brick house across from campus!)


Pick-Up Pricing (5 gallon buckets):​​

  • Households and organizations:

    • 1 pick up every 2 weeks (2x a month)—$20.90 per month

    • 1 pick up every week (4x a month)—$33 per month

    • One time drop off fee—$10 per 5 gallons

Does a custom collection schedule work better for you? For example, maybe you live out of town and you would rather drop your full bucket off at your office? Just send us an email and we can work something out so you can get us your food scraps too!


Do you work at or own a food truck, café, sustainable office space or restaurant? Please don’t send your compostable items to the landfill! Most restaurants can compost over 80% of their waste that would otherwise end up in the local landfill.


By composting your food scraps with Soil Cycle, we provide you the opportunity to reduce food waste, give back to the community, and even cut down on your current trash collection costs. Keeping your food scraps out of the landfill helps reduce carbon emissions in the Missoula valley and can allow you to take the necessary steps you need to becoming a Pledge Zero business. Partnering with Soil Cycle helps complete the natural food cycle while also meeting Missoula's Zero Waste Initiative.


We understand that every restaurant and café functions differently, so please contact us and we can create a plan that works best for your business.

Workplace Collection
Porch Swing

Do you work for a sustainable organization or strive to become one? We can provide your organization with a compost bin for the break room or common area. Soil Cycle can provide employees the opportunity to turn their coffee grounds and lunch scraps into soil! 


We know that every workplace has different dynamics, so contact us and we can talk about a hauling solution for your workplace.

Porch Swing

Are you planning a wedding or large event and need help composting? We love to see a commitment to sustainability and are there to help. We provide one time event services so you can compost your plates, cutlery, napkins, and of course food scraps with us. We take certified compostable items, so make sure to check with us before purchasing them for a big event. Composting at an event is a great way to show your friends, family, and/or company that protecting the Earth is important to you. 


Event Service Rates are as follows (per one 32 gallon toter) :

  • Events shorter than 5 hours: $15/hour

  • Events longer than 5 hours (daily rate): $50/day

  • Extra Toter (max of 2 extra toters per event): $20/toter per day


Please contact us to receive more information on event services!

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