Soil Cycle Board Members


Caitlyn Lewis


Chair of the Board/

Executive Director

Caitlyn believes that difficult issues, like food waste, require unique solutions that often involve entire communities and sometimes...even bicycles! People are immensely powerful especially when they come together around a common cause. One of her main goals is to push her community to think about their food and the natural cycle of life a little differently.


Brynn Appel


Education Specialist

Brynn is a nature lover who believes that the first step to finding your passions is to learn about new things. Her passion for sustainability started at summer camp where she first learned to enjoy and appreciate composting. Brynn then went on to teach about sustainability at an outdoor based preschool and at a science camp. When she’s not at Soil Cycle, you can find her at Snowbowl or enjoying beautiful hikes with her dog. She’s so excited to share the love of compost with the Missoula community! 

Therese Robbins


Vice President / Permaculture and Garden Coordinator

Therese 'Trez" Robbins is a long-time Soil Cycle volunteer, and now enthusiastic board member. Her passions include plant medicine, sustainable agriculture, permaculture design, and making delicious food. She is the garden designer at the new Soil Cycle space, filling it with medicinal and edible flowers, fruits, and vegetables to encourage and inspire a love for growing things, clean the air and soil, and educate everyone on the myriad benefits of each plant there. She is so excited to be a part of reducing food waste and cultivating healthy soil in Missoula!

Alison for Soil Cycle.jpg

Alison Coluccio


Compost Expert

Alison is a long-time plant geek who still heeds the advice she got from a mentor gardener who, when asked what to do about weeds in the garden said, "Eat them!" Alison grew up on a family farm and as part of a culture where everyone had a compost pile. She became a Master Composter through Cornell's Cooperative Extension in 2012 and was a regular volunteer in Ithaca, NY before relocating to Missoula. She was happy to find Soil Cycle as a way to keep bears out of her home compost and she's very excited to learn about the plants of Montana, particularly which ones she can eat.

Thomas Bassett


Treasurer/ Operations Manager

When Thomas isn't busy composting food scraps at Soil Cycle, he is the lead designer of the 18.5 yard hot compost bin system and completing other carpentry projects at the Soil Cycle site. He is dedicated to keeping Soil Cycle as sustainable as possible and upcycling Soil Cycle's food waste back into food. He spends his free time baking cakes, cookies, danishes, and other treats.


Julia Schechter



If Julia could love an inanimate object, it would be bicycles. She believes in the simple yet transformative power of the bike, and its ability to address environmental, economic, emotional, and physiological issues. As board secretary, Julia is stoked to support an organization that advocates for community and soil health.