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What to Compost

Vegetables (raw/cooked)


Coffee Grounds & Filters

Loose Leaf Tea




Bread and Grains


Plant and Flower Trimmings  Paper/Cardboard (shredded and not glossy)

Used Paper towels & Napkins

PLA Compostable Containers

Pet Hair

What to Avoid

Meat & Fish

Dairy Products

Produce Stickers

Raw eggs

Excessive Grease, Oil, Fats

Plastic, Glass, and Metal

Pet Waste or Litter


You can compost anything that was once living and contains potential for another living process, but we do ask that you do not compost a few items to encourage a more healthy and sanitary experience. You do not want your bucket smelling of rotting meat or rancid oils and milk.

Always Remember

Nutritious materials = nutritious compost

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