How Does it Work?

1. Sign Up

  • Sign up for services online

  • Decide how often you want your scraps picked up

  • Within a week of signing up, you'll receive a compost bucket and email invoice via WAVE

2. Get Started

3. Complete the Cycle

  • We take your scraps and compost them!

  • A few times a year, members get finished compost back

  • Plant flowers, grow food, and feel good about the process 

Help Us Grow

Completing the Natural Cycle

As a nonprofit, we strive to offer sustainable zero-waste services and programs focused on reducing organic waste in order to divert valuable materials from the landfill, educate the community, and create quality natural fertilizers.

We are turning our efforts towards more community empowerment and education to support more sustainable gardening and food production.

We cannot do it without your support! 

Commitment to Sustainablity

Soil Cycle’s mission, vision, and goals are community-minded and sustainably founded. Not only do we strive to divert waste from the local landfill, but we are also committed to reducing emissions by using human-powered means as well as reusing, reducing, and recycling materials as often as possible. Soil Cycle aims to give back to Missoula through partnerships and sustainable education in order to create a healthier, more self-sufficient sustainable community.