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Payment Options 

In order to bring our workshops to a larger population and to build economic justice, we have decided to offer it as a "pay what you can" workshop. If you have a higher income please consider paying more, and if you have a lower income, please pay less. The hope is that this will balance out to a fair compensation to the small business and small nonprofits that make our workshops possible, while promoting broader accessibility.


BIPOC Individuals*

Please contact us for the free workshop link

It is important to acknowledge that some groups of people have costs that others do not, and others have access to resources that are not always reflected in their income levels. In light of this, we have provided some criteria to help you decide whether you should pay more or less on the scale:


Consider paying less if you:

  • are supporting children

  • have significant debt

  • receive public assistance

  • are an elder with limited financial support

  • experience discrimination in hiring

  • are descended from enslaved people or Native Americans

Consider paying more if you:

  • own the home you live in

  • have investments, retirement accounts, or inherited money

  • travel for recreation

  • have access to family money and resources in times of need

  • work part time or are unemployed by choice

  • have a relatively high degree of earning power due to level of education (or gender and racial privilege, class background, etc.)


Offering "pay what you can" is an opportunity to look at your financial resources and level of privilege. Making a choice of payment helps strengthen our community through economic justice at the local level. Please, pay what feels right, do not stress about it, your decision will not be questioned.

We are offering this workshop to BIPOC individuals for free; please contact us for the link. 

(Language of this payment section inspired by Little Red Bird Botanicals and Underground Alchemy) 

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