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Backyard Compost Workshop
  • Backyard Compost Workshop


    This workshop provided by Caitlyn Lewis and Alison Coluccio of Soil Cycle explains the basics of starting your own backyard compost system and the simple Chemistry behind it. They go over why composting is critical for the Earth and your garden and explain the different types of compost systems. Already have a compost system? They explain how to troubleshoot issues and bring balance to your compost piles. This workshop was videotaped live on 6.20.2020 during a Soil Cycle and Missoula Urban Demonstration workshop. Since we have put many hours into providing this information, we do ask you pay* for the workshop.



    *If the price is a barrier to receiving this information, please reach out and explain your situation.

    • About the Instructors

      Caitlyn Lewis is the director of Soil Cycle. Her passion for composting was born out of environmental concerns regarding food waste and has grown into a love for all things soil!

      Alison Coluccio became a Master Composter through the Tompkins County NY, Cornell Cooperative Extension in 2012 and has been an active compost volunteer and educator since.

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